Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Win a copy of Infinity Drake The Sons of Scarlatti,By John Mcnally.

Killer bugs: It's time to pick on someone your own SIZE!

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Christian and Miss Molly was lucky enough to get their  hands on a pre released copy of Infinity Drake.
In this wonderfully written book you embark on a buzzing adventure were Infinity Drake  and his mad scientist uncle attend a crisis meeting were a power mad baddie has let loose a doomsday bio-weapon.........The mutant Scarlatti wasp! (eek be afraid very afraid) millions of lives are in danger but uncle Al has a bonkers idea that may just work to save the world,
He soon shrinks a top military team to kill the killer wasps but there is a double agent Kaparis who has other ideas and Fin is left just 9mm tall and saving the world that size is gonna be a hard mission,Can he do it?

You will not want to put it down once you start reading its full of twists and turns and is fantastic for both boys and girls who share a love of science it is jam packed full of adventure with loads of action to boot.What more can you ask for.

If you like the sound of this awesome book then please check out the trailer Here.

Christian loved the little Infinity Drake at the bottom of the page when you flick through the book he shrinks and he has said hes looking forward to reading the next book Infinity Drake The forbidden city,

Miss Molly really loved it too she said she wanted to be Kelly but it was a little scary and gross but still fun to read. 

Now is your chance to win a copy for yourself just enter your email in the gleam widget below and sign up to my blog and you will be in the running to win.

John McNally is a screenwriter who’s worked with Aardman, Sony and the BBC. INFINITY DRAKE is his first novel and was written for his children (who, of course, knew nothing about it) as well as to escape development hell. Once it sold to a publisher he finally showed it to his kids. Luckily, they liked it, and now millions of others will too…

To Buy Infinity Drake please click Here.

Win a copy of Infinity Drake The Sons of Scarlatti,By John Mcnally.

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