Friday, 19 December 2014

My Holy Cow Review

Morning Readers,

For yesterdays tea the kids wanted a chicken curry,I had brought some chicken breast reduced to just 50p and these Holy Cow curry sauces were half price just 42p a packet in Tescos.

The sauces are quick and easy to use and you add a little water to it and simmer it for 20 Min's for best results.

Holy Cow sauce pkt
Chopped and ready to go!

 Once chicken and onion are cooked i added the sauce and water then left it to simmer while i got on with the flat breads.
Onions and Mushrooms browning.

Flat breads are quick and easy to make just use 150g Sr flour 150g wholemeal flour, 1tsp baking powder,pinch salt,400ml buttermilk/plain yogurt,(optional extras mixed herbs and garlic powder/fresh garlic 1clove)  All you do is throw it all in to a mixer with a dough hook and let it get to work for 5 minutes,

My trusty Kitchenaid gets to work.

Leave it to rest for 5 Min's and then using the palm of your hand (a rolling pin is to heavy)  flatten them out thinly (don't matter about shapes they look better rustic) and cook in a griddle pan for 3 minutes each side.

Flattened and ready to go!

And there you have it Holy Cow chicken and chick pea curry with garlic flat breads,
The kids gave it 10 out of 10 so it must be good. 

Holy Cow is a west country brand from Oxford (just down the road from me) and is available in Tesco's normally 99p but they have them better than half price at the moment,
Their sauces are just like home made and very tasty and guaranteed to send your taste buds wild.They are suitable for vegans and vegetarian's and are gluten free too.

Quote from their website.
Based on home cooked Indian recipes, these sauces have layers of flavour before a kick of heat. So, punch flavour into any meal with award winning Holy Cow! Sauces.

You can connect to Holy Cow via..
The website Here
Twitter Here
Facebook Here

Thank you for taking the time to read my review i do hope you liked it,
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Till next time,
Stay lucky .
Love Bella x 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ginger Bread Christmas Cookies & Jam n Lemon Tarts.

Good afternoon all,
                               My Princess Molly-Joy decided to volunteered me to make the Christmas cookies for the whole of year 2 and with only one days notice i had my work cut out.So i decided to make ginger bread cookies as there quick and simple to make one handed.

First of all i got every thing i needed in one place so i didn't have to go rummaging in my baking cupboard.

Next i made the dough using my trusty Kitchenaid. The recipe is 
800g plain flour,350g brown sugar,200g butter.2 eggs (whisked),8 tbs golden syrup,3 tsp bicarb,3 tsp ginger powder.(or 2tsp of lazy ginger)
I whizzed the butter and sugar till fluffy then added the eggs VERY slowly. (stops it curdling.. add a tbs of flour if it does to bring it back)
Add the golden syrup (pop the spoon in a mug of hot water before hand then the syrup will slide off easy) and mix well.
Next i  sieved the flour,bicarb and powdered ginger (if using lazy ginger then add just with the last bit of egg) into the butter mix and then put it on fast speed for 4/5 minutes.
Next i turned the dough out and wrapped it in clingfilm and popped it in the fridge for 20 minutes. (makes the dough easier to use) 

                             Once out the fridge i cut it in to four (easier to use) then i rolled it out on a lightly floured worktop i kept them about 2cm thick so they would be crispy on the outside and nice and soft like cake inside.I could not find my gingerbread man cutter so my reindeer's were a no go. :( Luckily i had a star,stocking,tree and bell shaped cutter to hand and got stamping (to stop it sticking "dip" the cutter in a little icing sugar) 

Cutting out the stockings .

While they were cooking (180 for 8/10 minutes) i whipped up some puff pastry and made some strawberry and lemon tarts and popped them in the oven for the same time.(i used a bit to much jam in a couple oops)but they still look yummy. 

Ready to bake
All cooked and cooled.

Once the cookies are cold i got to work decorating them i did some in a thick fondant and rolled it out on some grease proof paper using the same stamper as the cookies.I stick them on using melted jam then left them to harden. 

yummy trees
I love these stars they were tricky tho!

 Stockings didn't come out right but still looked ok.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
They are a deep purple in colour.
Next i dipped the remainder of the cookies into  fondant i had made by adding glycerin to normal  icing sugar,then sprinkled them with edible glitter and left them to dry.

Pink marbled bells.
I then added "snow" but they ran a bit but again still looked awesome,and the bells came out fab too.
Snowy top stockings.


So there you are my ginger bread cookies once they were dry (at stupid o'clock this morning) i packed them up ready for today's school party,(i forgot to a take a picture as i was knackered by this time)
When Princess Molly-Joy came home from school she said "Everyone loved our cookies and Josh and Mr Fox said they were 101% yummy" So i can only assume they liked them as Molly-Joy said there was none left (all 80 of them were ate).
I have warned Molly-Joy tho not to volunteer me again at short notice if was fun but stressful to do.
Thank you for getting this far and reading i do hope you liked my cookies.
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Till then Stay Lucky. xx

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My DIY Snowmen nails.

Good Afternoon Reader's,
                                                            Thank you for taking the time to come and look.As you know i am new to nail art and after my awesome success of my Santa hats i thought id try my hand at snowmen,(please remember i am a novice and this is only my second try.But with any luck ill have them mastered  by next year!! lol.Any way enough of my waffling let me show you...

                   Step 1.Get everything you need so you don't have to rummage in your box and ruin your nail's(i store my nail stuff in a old shoe box).

                       Step 2. I used a undercoat then proceeded with BarryM glitter, 

                       Step 3. I used a cotton dipped in Sinful White to make the head and body.

                         Step 4.  Again using BarryM  i gave each snowmen a bright red scarf.(think ill use a thinner brush next time.)             

                          Step 5. Using a black polish and a thin brush i gave each one a hat some button's,eyes and mouth. 

                            Step 6. Again using a thin brush i gave them a carrot nose.

                            Step 7 using  Andrea Fulerton sparkle and stripe white i sat each snowman on some snow and the while wet added the Andrea Fulerton glitter .And lastly using the gold Andrea Fulerton sparkle and stripe to create the scarf's "tassel's" and star's in the sky.
Once dried i used a topcoat to seal it.

                             And so you have it my DIY snowmen nail's.Yes i know they ain't brilliant but for someone who only just started out i think it looks ok.

                            Thank you for taking time to take a look.

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                            Till then stay lucky.xx 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Review Of The BarryM Gift Set.

Afternoon Readers,

                               I was lucky enough to win a awesome BarryM gift set from a re tweet competition over on BarryM's twitter page here

When the UPS man came i was overjoyed to see a huge red gift box with 30 of the most popular colour's including 10 Gelly's 4 Silk 6 normal nail polish and 10 awesome glitters that any nail lover would love to add to there collection.

I couldn't wait to try them out so i started using a undercoat and then set to work.
(This may take some time lol.)

First up the Gelly Polish,You must prime and use a  undercoat as it may stain your nails but other than that i cant fault it.
The Gelly glides on and covers well first time leaving a streak free glossy finish that stays put all day and night with no chips,
I found using a top coat it lasted a few extra days. 
There are some stunning shades to choose from as you can see from the pics. 

Next is the silk polish it seams to dry quicker than normal polish and as you can see it leaves a matt effect.And i think it looks fantastic,It is not hard wearing so a topcoat is a must.

Pretty dont you think!

Now were on to the main BarryM range.Big bold colours clean and fresh and a colour for any occasion as you can see in these next set of pictures.

And lastly the stunning glitter range (oh sparkly) Various coloured glitter that sparkles and shines in the light,Perfect for christmas parties.

So there you have it the BarryM gift set.
Available Here Priced at £89.99.
A must for any nail fan young and old.
I really loved reviewing this set and i shall be updating it as and when as ive still got to try them all again and see how they stamp! So please watch this space.
Till then thank you for reading,
Wishing you all love luck and light.