Friday, 19 December 2014

My Holy Cow Review

Morning Readers,

For yesterdays tea the kids wanted a chicken curry,I had brought some chicken breast reduced to just 50p and these Holy Cow curry sauces were half price just 42p a packet in Tescos.

The sauces are quick and easy to use and you add a little water to it and simmer it for 20 Min's for best results.

Holy Cow sauce pkt
Chopped and ready to go!

 Once chicken and onion are cooked i added the sauce and water then left it to simmer while i got on with the flat breads.
Onions and Mushrooms browning.

Flat breads are quick and easy to make just use 150g Sr flour 150g wholemeal flour, 1tsp baking powder,pinch salt,400ml buttermilk/plain yogurt,(optional extras mixed herbs and garlic powder/fresh garlic 1clove)  All you do is throw it all in to a mixer with a dough hook and let it get to work for 5 minutes,

My trusty Kitchenaid gets to work.

Leave it to rest for 5 Min's and then using the palm of your hand (a rolling pin is to heavy)  flatten them out thinly (don't matter about shapes they look better rustic) and cook in a griddle pan for 3 minutes each side.

Flattened and ready to go!

And there you have it Holy Cow chicken and chick pea curry with garlic flat breads,
The kids gave it 10 out of 10 so it must be good. 

Holy Cow is a west country brand from Oxford (just down the road from me) and is available in Tesco's normally 99p but they have them better than half price at the moment,
Their sauces are just like home made and very tasty and guaranteed to send your taste buds wild.They are suitable for vegans and vegetarian's and are gluten free too.

Quote from their website.
Based on home cooked Indian recipes, these sauces have layers of flavour before a kick of heat. So, punch flavour into any meal with award winning Holy Cow! Sauces.

You can connect to Holy Cow via..
The website Here
Twitter Here
Facebook Here

Thank you for taking the time to read my review i do hope you liked it,
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  1. Yummy! I haven't heard of this brand before but will keep an eye out! Am really impressed with the flat breads too - they look fab! x

    1. Thank you,The flatbreads were yummy :)

  2. Holy cow these look fab im going to be picking some up on my next shopping trip !