Thursday, 18 December 2014

My DIY Snowmen nails.

Good Afternoon Reader's,
                                                            Thank you for taking the time to come and look.As you know i am new to nail art and after my awesome success of my Santa hats i thought id try my hand at snowmen,(please remember i am a novice and this is only my second try.But with any luck ill have them mastered  by next year!! lol.Any way enough of my waffling let me show you...

                   Step 1.Get everything you need so you don't have to rummage in your box and ruin your nail's(i store my nail stuff in a old shoe box).

                       Step 2. I used a undercoat then proceeded with BarryM glitter, 

                       Step 3. I used a cotton dipped in Sinful White to make the head and body.

                         Step 4.  Again using BarryM  i gave each snowmen a bright red scarf.(think ill use a thinner brush next time.)             

                          Step 5. Using a black polish and a thin brush i gave each one a hat some button's,eyes and mouth. 

                            Step 6. Again using a thin brush i gave them a carrot nose.

                            Step 7 using  Andrea Fulerton sparkle and stripe white i sat each snowman on some snow and the while wet added the Andrea Fulerton glitter .And lastly using the gold Andrea Fulerton sparkle and stripe to create the scarf's "tassel's" and star's in the sky.
Once dried i used a topcoat to seal it.

                             And so you have it my DIY snowmen nail's.Yes i know they ain't brilliant but for someone who only just started out i think it looks ok.

                            Thank you for taking time to take a look.

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                            Till then stay lucky.xx 


  1. Gorgeous nails, don't know if my hand would be steady enough to do them though haha x

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic // Beauty Giveaway

    1. Thank you,I am not very good at the mo but i shall keep trying. x