Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Review Of Some Of The Andrea Fulerton Nail Range.

Good evening Readers,
                                      As you know i love nail polish and nail art so was over joyed when my facebook friend Jacqueline Allum sent me a box of goodies to help towards (the dreaded) Christmas and inside was a bottle of Andrea Fulerton Strike & Sparkle sadly the bottle snapped upon opening :( so i decided to pop over to the Andrea Fulerton facebook page here and let them know how sad i was as was looking forward to creating new nail designs.
A few days later the lady herself messaged me for my address to send me a replacement bottle.I was over the moon a few days later when Martin the postie turned up handing me a little funny shaped package.

Once opened it was a little like nail heaven before my eyes i had a awesome surprise........

Wow aint it!  
I could not wait to get started to try them out.

I really love Andrea Fulerton layering system a double ended polish.Two colours  that become one as you can see the first coat was a little patchy but the second coat was perfect once dry i  put the lighter colour on creating a unique colour of its own.As you can see its really glossy  and vibrant. 

This is a pic of the red over the purple and my fav.(cant wait to try the others available.) 
This next pic is of the red as the base and the purple over the top.

The Strike & Sparkle is awesome as you can see they come in silver,gold and white each bottle has a little pot of nail glitter of the same colour, The brush aint your bog standard nail paint brush it is super slim and designed for details and small thin lines.

 One week later no chips to be found.

The Mock Croc is croc meets snake nails and you apply the silver and the quickly apply the matt red thinly for a snakeskin effect or thickly for a croc effect.The trick is to work quickly as it dries super dooper fast  but the results are amazing, Apply a top coat for a gloss finish or leave it as it is. (i  found it lasted longer with a overcoat)

The nail gems are tricky little things but with the tool provided i mastered 
it.One end is a little rubber bit to press the gem into place and the other end is slanted so you can line the gems  up correctly.Always make  sure you use a topcoat to keep them in place and use washing up gloves washing up as the hotwater will dislodge them.                                          

And lastly these pretty funky skulls  they were tricky to peel off by hand but a pair or tweezers were a good idea and once overcoated they are long lasting.

So to sum up the fab Andrea Fulerton range it is fantastic and beats some major brands on the market and for a fab price.

You can check out her website by clicking Here .
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