Saturday, 29 November 2014

Applewood® Cheese Vintage & Ham hock muffins

I was entering a recipe over on Applewoodcheese Facebook page so thought i would add here too as if your family are anything like mine the love cheese every kind there is.We also love using cheese  in many of our recipes and one of the best cheeses to cook with is Applewood®  its smokey flavour and texture is amazing and has a distinctive flavour that will please any tastebuds,Enough of me babbling on here is how to make them.Also if you do make them please come back and let me know that you think,

Applewood® Cheese Vintage & Ham hock muffins, 250g sr flour,1tsp baking powder,1/2tsp baking soda,1/4tsp salr,150g Applewood® Cheese Vintage grated,100g cooked ham hock,90ml sunflower oil,150g natural yoghurt,125ml whole milk,1 large egg. Preheat oven to 200c gasmark 6, Then sift dry ingredients together and in a separate bowl mix the cheese,ham,oil,yoghurt,milk and egg,
Then combine the wet to the dry mix making sure its well combined ,
Divide between muffin cases or spoon directly in to the muffin tin,
Then bake for 20 mins till golden and cooked through,
Remove from oven and allow to cool (if you can wait that long! )
Then enjoy these are also lush with Applewood® spreadable on top and 1/2 a cherry tomato in the middle(of the spreadable cheese) to make savory "cupcakes" 

They will keep for  upto 5 days in a airtight container and they can be frozen for up to 4 weeks.
I do hope you try and make them as there really yummy.
Till next time ttfn love luck and light to you all. xx

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