Thursday, 20 November 2014

Santa hats take one :)

Since my stroke i have found i have a lot of time on my hands and im not really a girly girl in to bold make up and never using nail varnish!! But my friend Jeanette Hunter sent me a nail stamper set and ive been hooked ever since.
But now xmas is on its way i thought i would try my hand at santa hats and i think they look awesome,Yes i know there not perfect but not bad for my first go.
Maybe next year i will be even better lol.But i will be posting my progress from novice to with any luck passable.Oh well enough of me babbling on let me show you.

I used a base coat then used a soft pink.

Next red tips are added.

Now little black lines for the "hat".

And lastly white dots and glitter added then a topcoat applied and job done.  

My next task is to try snowflakes and trees so watch this space till next time Bye for now.

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