Friday, 2 January 2015

Review of The Make Your Own Hamper & A Natural lined Storage Basket From The Basket Company ©.

My review of the make your own hamper kit and the natural lined storage basket available from The Basket Company © 

Good Morning readers, 
                                       I was delighted to have a chance to review a couple of items from The Basket Company © they have a wonderful collection of baskets for every occasion.

There are picnic baskets,pet baskets,storage and laundry baskets and many many more in various sizes and designs.

I loved the  make your own hamper kit it contains all you need included in this kits is a...
  • Double steamed willow basket (L 40cm x W 30cm x H 11cm)
  • Ivory coloured wood wool for the base
  • Heat shrink bag
  • Ivory bow
  • Gift tag                              

So the hardest thing you have to do is choosing what to put in there as you can see i decided to make a pamper hamper at a fraction of the price.

They have a useful you tube clip Here showing you how to make your hamper.


Here is how to use your kit from start to finish.

Step one Place the straw in the basket and pull it out to fit.
Step one.

Step two Fill with what ever you want placing the bigger/heavier items in the middle and then the smaller/lighter items around the edges.
Fill with what ever you want.

Step three Place the hamper inside the bag so the opening is up the top then scrunching the middle tape it in place.

Step four Get the hair drier and on a medium setting hover it lightly over the sides then the top to shrink it into place,(DON'T stay long in one place or go to close as you will melt the bag!) 
Remember not to close!

Step five Make the bow by holding the two thin pieces and pulling to magically create a stunning bow,Then tie in place.

Oh pretty.

Step six Using a pair of scissors run one side of then down the straight bit of ribbon to create a tumbling curl,

Step seven Add the tag and then you are finished.

A stunning home made hamper and a unique gift for anyone.
The possibility's are endless as to what kind of hampers you can make and these D.I.Y kits from The Basket Company are just the thing.

They can be reused (unlike the shop brought thin basket's that break quickly these are made to last) and would look fantastic on any dinner table filled with fruit or simply for storage,
The basket is handmade and sturdy so will last for many years to come.

Next i reviewed the Natural Lined Storage Basket you can see the quality of this  natural Willow handmade basket its available in various sizes and is lined in ivory fabric that is washable.
It is well made and would not look out of place in any part of the house. 
The liner,
Well made.

And so that is it my review with thanks to The Basket Company for providing the baskets used today please check out there page's below.
The Make Your Own Hamper is priced at £15.00 Here and the Natural lined Storage Basket is reduced to just £5 Here.
They offer free delivery on all orders over £50 or £4.95 for under £50.
To view there whole range click Here.
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Oh and before i go they have a sale starting this Monday 5th Jan but in the mean time you can get 15% off using code IZZY15 this is valid until 31/01/15 and can be used on more than one order so what you waiting for hop on over and take a look.

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Buster being a pest!
Till next time stay lucky.
Love Bella x


  1. wow these look great they would make a much more personal hamper then a brought filled one

    1. Thank you that is what i love about the hamper you can fill it with what ever you like so no more unwanted items. :)

  2. looks great, I cannot get enough wicker.

    1. Thank you.You will love these then as they are very well made (by hand) and will last a long while,Don't forget the 15% discount :)

  3. I love doing my own Hampers, they're a great idea, i just fill them with stuff my friends love & they love them - fab review Bella x