Monday, 19 January 2015

My review of the go ahead range,

Good Morning readers,

                                       So as we start a new year with healthy eating and keeping fit there is no better way than to start the day than with a bar of go ahead.

go ahead range.

They come in various flavors and some with yogurt on top like these yummy strawberry yogurt bars,These have juicy plump sultanas and raspberries encased in a crunchy biscuit and smothered in a yogurt topping. (other flavors are raspberry,forest fruits and red cherry) 
These are by far my favourite the smell upon opening the packet was fruity and looked exciting!
The first bite sends your taste buds wild! It is crunchy yet soft in the middle with the fruit plump and sweet.
The kids gave them a 10/10 i almost passed out with shock as the kids never give anything a 10out of 10!!
Breakfast will never be the same again.


Hard choice...

 Next we tried the go ahead crispy slices,
They have so many flavours to choose from (id love to try the chocolate ones but cant find a store that sells them!) 
The forest fruits are yummy the sultana and berry filling  encased in a crispy biscuit and a sugar topping,The apple ones was just as nice but a little to sweet for me but the kids gave them a 9/10 and said they would like them in their lunch boxes. 
The inside soo fruity.
The kids gave them 9/10.

Now the go ahead fruit bakes are AMAZING! (i cant wait to try the others in the range) they taste a bit like fig rolls with the same texture and they contain 1 portion of fruit so are ideal if the kids don't like eating fruit.
They are really yummy  and the kids gave them also 9/10

Plump apple center
Top marks from Christian.

So to sum up the go ahead range........ 
They are ideal when your on the go just pop them in your pocket/bag and away you go they will also  keep hunger at bay till lunch and can be enjoyed at any other part of the day,
I will 100% be getting these from now on they are fantastic and for the price you cant go wrong.

If you want to connect with go ahead then you can view their twitter page by clicking the link below.

Go ahead Twitter page Here.

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