Friday, 23 January 2015

My review of Pact Coffee Subscription Service.(Plus Special offer for all readers any bag for £1)

Good Evening Readers,
                                            If you are a coffee lover like me then you will have several kinds of coffee (no value stuff will do!!) and also several ways of making them ie espresso,filter ect  and dread running out  (i need my morning caffeine fix) then Pact Coffee is for you,  

They are a online company that offers a coffee subscription for £6.95 each packet They then send you a bag of freshly roasted coffee but not any old coffee these each have a unique flavor like the Sitio Chapada AKA Chocolate coated toffee.They even have a Milk chocolate cherry one (cant wait to try that) If you want decaff they have that too.
It is so easy to order and there is no fixed contract you can cancel at any time,You can also pause it if you need to for any reason,Delivery is free and order before 1pm for next day delivery.

It is so easy to order you just enter your name and what kind of coffee drinker you are then you get taken to coffee heaven,There you will see a variety of coffees taken from all over the world,
I signed up and chose to try Sitio Chapada first so was excited when it popped through the door the very next day,

What i really liked was the personal service you get from Pact they send you a welcome email and even call you up the day after you get your coffee to ask was everything  ok and how did i like it,Shame other companies don't interact more like Pact i felt very welcome and was delighted at the communication,

I could not wait to try it so out came my filter and the kettle on.(TIP. NEVER let the water boil when making coffee as you will burn it and it will taste very bitter) once i opened the packet the smell was amazing a deep roasted coffee with a chocolate toffee hint.My nose went wild as i waited for it to brew i could not wait to taste that first sip and boy i was not disappointed i had never tasted coffee so good! There is nothing i don't like about this one and i am looking forward to trying the rest of them.

Love Pact Coffee!

They will send you either whole beans for you to grind at home or grind them for you just before posting so freshness guaranteed.

Take a look at there blog/website the links are posted below...
Chocolate toffee delight!

I shall update this review with the other delightful coffees as and when i get them so please subscribe.Till next time thank you for reading.

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*Special offer get any bag for just £1 using the code TRYMEFORONEPOUND-9IE8NG

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  1. will have to look these up my hubbies a big coffee drinker and does like a good coffee x