Thursday, 22 January 2015

My 12 week review of Symprove (Getting IBS under control) Week 1,2&3

Good Morning Readers,

Given it’s January and we’re all trying to be a bit healthier  I thought it would be great to try get my IBS under control i have tried many things from pills to powders but found none that worked for long so i  did a  little research and came across a ad on the Internet looking for people to take a 12 week challenge so i got in touch and found i was a ideal person to try it on,

So i decided to start today Monday 12/01/15  and to blog about my progress over the next 12 weeks and see how i get on.
So let me tell you a little about Symprove before we start,

Symprove contains live bacteria that work to balance out your tummy bacteria,To start with you drink 1cup 60ml first thing in the morning before breakfast,
It comes in a great tasting flavor Mango & Passion fruit and tasted like normal fruit juice.(also available in original and is gluten and dairy free too ) 

Once the bottle is opened it needs to stay in the fridge to keep all the bacteria alive.
Unlike other probiotics that are freeze dried!!
As Symprove arrives alive and is water based so it don't mess with you digestion meaning they stay alive to do their job,(what more can you ask for!!)

So here we go the start to getting my IBS under control in 12 weeks with Symprove,

Week One,
There is not really much to report yet apart from extra trips to the loo,
I still have crippling tummy pain and looking like i was 5 months pregnant!! 
But for some strange reason my tummy keeps rumbling. 
I wonder what week two has in store...

Week Two, 
Again this week there is little change i am still having tummy cramps the pain is evil still but the amount of loo moments have decreased a little,
So i shall keep going and hope things will soon start to improve (Or should that be Symprove),So see you next week.

Week Three,This week i have noticed that my tummy ain't as hard or swollen as before and the pain has eased a  bit,Don't get me wrong i still have tummy cramps and bouts of rushing to the loo,But for the first time in years i managed to travel a fare way without needing to plan were the nearest loo is!  I really do hope it continues to get better and i can have more days out and maybe even take the kids to the zoo one day soon,

Week Four  This week the tummy cramps have almost gone just a few during the week mainly in stressful situations,Also my tummy is more relaxed and the knotting sensation is minamal.

Week Five This week not really any differant to last week,so i shall continue as im almost half way there now with some positive results,

  Please come back to see how i get on till then thank you for reading.

Getting bacteria where it’s needed most

For any probiotic to be effective in restoring the balance of bacteria in your gut, it has to do 3 simple things. 
1: ARRIVE alive right from the start so it’s ready to get to work
2: SURVIVE the strongly acidic and hostile environment of your stomach.
3: THRIVE in the intestines and targeted areas of your gut quickly and effectively.

  • Every millilitre of Symprove contains about 200 million live, active bacteria.
Btw.. Symprove have a awesome offer. You purchase the first 8 weeks and Symprove will give you the last 4 for free! (what a fab offer I'm sure you will agree )

You can buy Symprove from their website Here

Contact them by email Here
Twitter Here

Or Call them 01252 413600
Updated 12/02/15

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  1. I'll be interested in following your blog as I started taking Symprove on 15/01/15. Day 11 and so far, not too great. I've actually been feeling worse. It's taking a lot of daily willpower to take my morning dose.

    1. Hello Cheryl thank you for your comment,I have been told that by week4 i should see/feel the results,I am the same at the mo were i have stopped taking my normal IBS tablets so i can try Symprove for the 12 weeks so i did expect it to flare up but hoping if i keep at this it will be worth it if it works,I do hope you continue to try it and please come back and let me know how you are getting on.