Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to make Chicken Crumble feeds 4 for under £3.00!

Good Evening readers.

Hope you are well.I have had such busy weekend and didn't have time to cook a roast dinner and so rustled up the kids favourite Chicken Crumble (nothing like apple crumble i promise!) 
It only takes 10 Min's to make and 15 Min's to cook,so very quick and simple and also filling and low in fat what more can you ask for...

So how do you make it i hear you ask well its very simple just get 
1bag of sliced ready cooked chicken (frozen or fresh) ((you could also use left over chicken from the Sunday dinner))
300ml ready made gravy.(leave to cool right down)
2 packets of stuffing mix made up as instructed and left to cool down too.
1cup of fresh breadcrumbs(blitz up the bread ends)
Added extras can be 1 cup of frozen peas,10button mushrooms or 1cup of sweetcorn (or all of them if you are hungry)

Now mix the chicken to the gravy and add any extras then stir well,

Next up you pour it into a baking dish,
Now add the bread crumbs to the stuffing mix and mix well.
Using your fingers break up the stuffing mix and place over the chicken until all the chicken is covered (don't press down)

now bake it on 180c for 10min's until crispy on top.

Serve with mash or chips and peas and lashings of gravy then enjoy,We had ours in a Yorkshire pudding yummy.

I do hope you give it a try and if you do please let me know what you think of it,
So till then stay lucky.
Love Bella x

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