Friday, 6 March 2015

Win your own colour theme from the awesome VALSPAR 3D House worth a WHOPPING £105.90!!

Good Morning Readers,

Hope you are all well? Have you seen that new ad on the telly about the awesome new Valspar paint range hitting the Uk &Ireland encouraging people to Colour outside the lines?
If not take a look at the ad made by FCB Inferno agency here.

Valspar is a international manufacturer of paint and coatings based in Minnesota USA with almost 10,000 employees in over 25 countries and is the sixth biggest paint and coating corporation in the WORLD.

From Iced Berry and Oh so pink through to High noon and Regal plum!
There is a colour to suit anyone young or old.
Their range is also washable and stain resistant 

Whats your fav colour?

New research shows as a nation our homes are beige.Not only do 78% of home owners choose to predominately paint their homes in white,cream or neutral shades but 1 in 5 are actually scared to use bold colour's in our homes.

Valspar is only available from B&Q stores nationwide.
Valspar is set to revolutionise the way people buy paint for their homes through its unique tinting technology ,which has the ability to match any colour the eye can see-that's a whopping 2.2million shades!! (wowzers that is a lot!)

Valspar also provides an opportunity to create personal colours with technology that enables any  colour to be scanned and recreated in paint form.So that fab blue you liked on that tin you can now have on your walls just take the tin to B&Q and let them Valspar it to recreate that exact same colour.

Well to celebrate the launch of Valspar in the UK and Ireland they created the awesome Valspar 3D House on London's Clerkenwell road in Islington,The illusionary artwork makes it appear the house has lost it's wall so you can see right in to all the rooms of this family home.

As you can see there is so many amazing bright vibrant colours so why not stand out from the crowd and let your inner colour come alive,Get rid of that white and grey go on make that stand and show the world how bold you can be!
For me i so love the bright blue in the living room and what about that purple i can see it right now in the bedroom with purple drapes and purple bed covers and not forgetting the soft fluffy pillow's.

What ones do you like best?
Do let me know in the comments below.
Why not have a play and see what your room could look like with this really cool colour selector here.

But for now why not enter the competition below for your chance to win your own dream Valspar room now.

At Valspar, we believe the right color is powerful. 
So if the first one’s wrong, we’ll replace it.

Visit the Valspar Twitter Page Here.

Win your own colour theme from the awesome VALSPAR 3D house Worth a WHOPPING £105.90!!

Thank you for taking the time to read all about the new Valspur range.
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Till next time love luck and light to you all.
Bella x

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    1. If you would like a blog post on the postcode lotto then email me please don't comment on non relevant posts thank you.

  2. Fab comp Bella! My bedroom is currently Teal but would love the Turquoise Tint - a lovely bright blue xoxo

    1. Nice choice there it is a fab colour and dreamy just right for a cozy bedroom,Good luck with the competition x

  3. super prize ive just moved so its a great prize for me love all the colours

    1. Thank you for entering good luck with the competition x

  4. Great prize,I've just entered!

  5. High noon is lovely, gorgeous colour choices

  6. Fantastic competition and a really informative post....this would be perfect timing for us as we are currently in negotiations as to what colour to do our kitchen (we haven't agreed until now) ...within minutes of heading to the site to look at the charts we saw Mermaid's song and agreed instantly! Thanks for the chance!

  7. I love the children's bedroom the sheep are so cute

  8. Wow! That is a huge array of colours to choose from...Love the Bleached Shadow. We are just in the process of re-doing that bathroom and this is the perfect colour to match the towels and accessories I have chosen.

  9. wow thank you for the chance, we are currently trying to decide how to decorate our living room best of luck all

  10. Im refurbishing at the moment so this would be brilliant to win!