Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Molly's Sisters birthday cake.

Good evening readers,
 Miss Molly has a big sister called Sian (her daddy & his wife don't ask that's another story lol) and it is her birthday the day after my sisters and as i had baked her cake with Sophie yesterday Molly wanted to make her sister one too so yet again for the second time this week we set to work,Sian is a goth and loves dark colours and is also a lover of them cheeky yellow minions so based on that we decided blue,green and purple with black icing was the way forward here is how we did it

 I then used disposable piping bags and then did spirals again.

 I then popped it in the oven on 190 for 35 Min's until cooked through.
Ready for the oven,
Cooling down

Covered in jam.
I then sliced it open and sandwiched it back together with black butter icing and raspberry jam and then coated the whole thing with melted seedless jam then covered it in white royal icing.
Icing rolled.

Got it covered,

Sadly the topper broke :(

And with the remainder of the cake mix we made some cup cakes as you can see they were very colourful,
Sian loved her cake and said it was the best one she ever had.
this cake only took 4 hours to make and even tho the topper broke i still think it looked good,The topper was from Country kitchen cakes on facebook for £4 so the total for this cake was just under £10 to make.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far until next time ttfn stay lucky.
                                                 Love Bella and Molly. 

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  1. Cake looks awesome ! But I love the cupcakes most - well done