Monday, 27 April 2015

My sisters 40th birthday cake made by Sophie & me.

Sophie gets cracking!
 Good afternoon readers,
It was my sister's 40th birthday this month and my niece Sophie wanted to bake her a special birthday cake so we set to work....

Whisking away.
 Sophie got on with beating the eggs light and fluffy while i was weighing out the rest of the ingredients and lining a 9inch cake tin making sure the paper came over the top of the tin to stop the cake from burning,

Lined &ready to go.

Slowly does it.
 Now Sophie poured the fluffy egg mix slowly into the flour/sugar mix.Once well mixed we divided the cake mix into two bowls then added yellow and orange (Bakers tool kit)

Oh pretty!

 I like using disposable piping bags as its less mess.Then we filled then and tided them using a freezer bag tie.

Ready for the oven.
We then piped spirals alternating colours then popped it in the oven on 190 for 35 Min's until cooked through,

Sophie making sure it tastes yummy!

 Once out the oven we left it to cool a little before turning it out on a cooling rack.
The inside.
 Then we cut it open and used marmalade and chocolate butter icing to sandwich it back together then covered the whole cake in the icing. 

All hidden.
 Once covered i put a ready made topper on top and smoothed it down,then Sophie set to work icing the top edge and then the bottom once it was sat on the cake board. 
 We then put wafer Daisy's all the way around and this is the result.Looks awesome as well i do hope you agree.
The end result.
                It took us 5 hours from start to finish and best of all my sister LOVED it.

Looking good...

And so we have it my sisters surprise birthday cake she had no idea what the inside was like until she cut it and she was really happy with the top as she is dolphin mad! The topper cost just £4.00 from Country kitchen cakes on facebook and is edible too. The total cost for this cake was just under £10 to make topper included.

Thank you for taking the time to read to the end,Until next time ttfn stay lucky,


Bella and Sophie,


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