Monday, 27 April 2015

Coconut treacle tart.

Good afternoon Readers,
I do hope you are well and are enjoying this amazing weather for April.
I had some left over shortcrust pastry left from when i made a pie for tea and as i don't like to waste things i decided to make some Coconut treacle tarts,these are so easy to make and can be made in just 15 min's and the best thing is that even the youngest kids can help make.Keep reading to find out how.....

 First we cut out the pastry and put them in the tart cases,Then we put foil in and put in baking beans to blind bake for 10min's then leave to cool before removing (they get VERY hot)

   Then i whizzed up 2 slices of bread (crusts included) and popped it in a bowl then added 2tbs of coconut and 8tbs of golden syrup and 1tbs of treacle and then gave it a good mix (Tip.Pop your tablespoon/ spatula in a mug of hot water then it will glid through the stickyness) then i poured the mix into the prebaked cases and then popped it in the oven for 15min's. 
 Once cooked and left to cool down i popped them on a plate and served with a big dollop of fresh cream.
It tasted amazing and would make a ideal after dinner treat.
Thank you for taking a look i do hope you will give it a try,If you do please pop back and let me know what you thought of it.So until next time stay lucky x

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