Saturday, 25 April 2015

My Review of Brainwavz S1 headphones

Good Afternoon Readers, 
Hope you all are well?Now we have longer evenings i can spend more time out and about with the kids and dog but i need my music too.I was delighted to get a chance to review a pair of awesome Brainwavz S1 headphones,These aint your run of the mill headphones these use dynamic driver speakers housed in a all metal shell which have been tuned for a powerful bass,crystal clear vocals and accurate sound reproduction.The S1 has a flat cable what means no more knots and tangles and are worn over the ear for a good sound isolation no matter what tunes you listen to
what i really love about these is the quality of sound no matter how high or low you  have the volume they remained clear,They also cut out any outside noise so all you can hear is the music and not what is going on around you.(So take extra care when crossing the road or riding your bike.) I walked passed a building site with loads of hammering and drilling and i did not hear a thing apart from my music of course.


I can not run to save my life so i sent my son Christian off on a run round the park to see how they got on.(As other headphones have a tendency to fall out when running!)

15 Minutes later hes back but raving about these Brainwavz headphones  this is what he said " Wow they did not come out of my ears once nore did they slip.They stayed put  and the quality of sound did not alter once,They were really  comfortable to wear can i have a pair lol" 
Another thing about in ear headphones they can hurt if used for a long length of time but with Brainwavz you cant feel them in your ears as they mold to your inner ear shape so comfort guaranteed.What more can you ask for they are quality headphones made to last and designed to give you the best sound possible.

There are foam tips included.They are the best premium foam ear tips that can be found,as it provides perfect seals and awesome bass response.
Also included in the pack is 6 pairs of silicone tips (s,m,l) 1 pair of Bi and 1 pair Tri-flange tips, hard carrying case plus a plane adapter.

Brainwavz S1 can be brought from amazon for just £37  or for my over seas readers $54.50

I would give them a huge 4stars and a big thumbs up,They really are a awesome pair of headphones and worth the money for the quality.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review,These are my honest opinions and i am not being payed to promote Brainwavz,I was provided with a pair of Brainwavz S1 headphones in return for a honest opinion.

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Love Bella. x

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