Thursday, 19 February 2015

DARKMOUTH....... It’s about to get legendary Reviewed by Miss Molly aged 8

Good Afternoon Readers,

I was delighted to be sent a copy of Shane Hegarty's Darkmouth for the kids to read.
 The book that can’t wait to get its teeth into you
 Miss Molly could not wait to start reading all about a boy called Finn the last remaining legend hunter(But a rubbish one at that!)  in his badly fitting suit of armour 
 and a heavy hat carrying a thing called a Desiccator,(looks like a rifle).Finn's job is to keep Darkmouth free of various baddies like the scary Manticore with his lion body scorpion tail  and dragon wings (see i said they were scary),Flinn meets a girl named Emmie and together they embark on a adventure of a lifetime. Please check out the trailer for Darkmouth Here.

Miss Molly loved reading this wonderful book it was well written and fun to read,Miss Molly loved all the action and couldn't put the book down and she said she was only a little bit scared but she really could imagine being in Darkmouth and helping Flinn in his battle.she gave the book a huge 10 out of 10 and is super excited that Darkmouth is coming back in August 2015.

If you have not heard about Shane Hegarty he was the arts editor of The Irish Times but has turned to writing full time.He resides on the easy coast of Ireland  in a village not unlike Darkmouth.Only with no monsters lol.Why not follow him over on twitter Here.

You can buy a copy of Darkmouth from Amazon Here.
Darkmouth is published by HarperCollins publishers LTD,

Thank you for taking the time to read,Until next time.
Stay lucky.
Love Miss Molly and Bella. x 

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