Friday, 20 February 2015

Philips Perfect Care Viva Iron.Review

Good Evening Readers,

I was over the moon to win a competition for the chance to review a brand spanking new Philips perfect care Viva steam generator iron RRP £260.00

Even Bib loves this one.

This is no run of the mill iron this is a super dooper iron its a light weight and is just one setting for ALL your clothes! (Wow sounds awesome don't it) 

Bib in action.

It has a easy to fill 1.7L water tank it is recommended that if you live in a hard water area then use distilled or demineralised water (Tesco do a ironing water for about 50p a bottle) you can iron for over a hour on just one tankful of water,

It also has a smart calc-clean system to make sure that it gets a regular descaling and clean.
it flashes and beeps when it needs to be done and if not done within a hour it will turn the steam off so the iron don't get broke.It comes with a cool looking tool called a smart Calc-Clean container that you put the iron plate on then you need to press the Calc-Clean button on the iron base for two seconds until you hear a short beep,It makes a funny sound as it pumps about it only takes about two minutes all the time sat on the container,Once its done you then wipe the plate and put it back on the base,CAUTION is needed as the container is VERY VERY hot so leave it for a while before tipping the water away then wash and dry for the next time,
Using the iron is amazing you need to keep  the button pressed for the steam,
The Optimal Temp technology enables you to iron all types of fabrics without adjusting the  iron temperature or steam.

And lastly  it has a energy saving ECO mode what is automatically activated when you switch it on,If you use the ECO mode (less steam)  you can save energy without compromising the results  of your ironing. (it can be turned off)

I just love the easy grip handle and its long cord and you can leave the iron face down on the ironing board and it leaves no burn marks if you accidentally leave it on a garment to long, Even the toughest of creases cant hide from this bad boy it glides through them like a hot knife would with butter.This is 100% the best iron there ever has been made, I hung a new set of curtains and used the iron to steam the creases out while they were hanging and the results were amazing,I really loved the way i could be ironing jeans one moment then ironing a silk top with no switching the temperature  this Optimal temp technology is awesome were has it  been all my life.(I hated ironing before this) Also if you leave the iron idle for more than 5 Min's it goes into standby to save energy,There is also a switch to turn it off and on at the base so you don't need to unplug it if you need to leave it a while.
Sadly i have ran out of things to iron now boo hoo so i shall have to put it away but wow i cant wait till next time i think ironing is my new hobby,

So to sum up the new Philips Perfect Care Viva iron i would give it 10 out of 10 it is amazing and makes light work of a boring chore you get a little smile knowing that you only need to go over it once and no having to turn it over to the other side as this one does both sides at once.There is nothing i don't like about this iron it is a must for any busy person you get your ironing done in less time and the results are brilliant first time round.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review,Till next time stay lucky.
Love Bella.

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  1. Wow - that's an all singing all dancing iron! I hate ironing - Im so absent minded Ive burnt so many items of clothing! This would be good for me! Carry on ironing! x

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