Thursday, 17 April 2014

Crumble delight :) you will find out why soon

I love nothing more than stood in the kitchen cooking with the kids.So for pudding one day last week i had some sponge and some peaches getting a bit soft so decided to russle up peach and black cherry crumble,
First i pipped the peaches and gently cooked them with some brown sugar and a bit of ginger till they were just breaking down and then while that was cooling i cut out some sponge to fit the bottom of 2 oven dishes and then topped the larger one with some of the peach and then added the black cherries  and just peach on the smaller one as my sis dont like cherries (nuts i know)  and then topped it off with a quick crumble i had wizzed together,In the oven it went 20 mins later we were tucking in. And yep it was as yummy as it looked.

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